Wack 100 Says Chrisean Rock Is Lucky that She Didn't Get Shot for Breaking Into His Home

The manager of Blueface, who called police on Chrisean back in late November during an altercation, reveals that she broke into his house by 'crawling through a window at 5 in the morning.'

AceShowbiz - Wack 100 has offered more details on his altercation with Chrisean Rock. When addressing the matter, Blueface's manager said she's lucky that she didn't get shot for breaking into his home.

Wack 100 shared his side of the story when speaking to Hollywood Unlocked's Jason Lee on Clubhouse. "First all she broke in my house, she crawled through a window, let's get that s**t right," he first detailed.

"She crawled through a window," he further stressed. "Lucky my security... I sent them home for Thanksgiving and told them they need to come back to the next day 'cause she would have been shot crawling through a window at 5 in the morning."

This was not the first time for Wack to address his altercation with Chrisean, which took place in late November. "I told the girl day 1 she was a waste of time! Hygiene bad attitude bad music bad #allbad #yagottago #getout [trashemojis] this aint how Baltimore get down," he argued on Instagram Story on December 2.

Blueface himself also set the record straight on the incident, in which Wack called police on Chrisean after she allegedly refused to leave the rapper's house. Taking to Instagram Story, the emcee explained, "When all of this was occuring, I was at home in my bed. I was out the night before."

"My phone was dead. I'm sure people was trying to call me but it wasn't getting into me," he added. "[Someone] woke me up and be like, 'Man look at the phone, Chrisean is on Live with the police at your house.' And I'm like, 'What? OK, this is weird."

" 'Cause I told Chrisean it's done with," the hip-hop star further recalled. "She was getting a little too out of hand for me. It was... her work ethic wasn't there enough for me to cope with. Her crazy life decisions and the way she thinks."

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