Blueface's Manager Wack 100 Addresses Chrisean Rock Altercation, Argues She's Just 'a Waste of Time'

When addressing the verbal altercation between him and the female artist that happened a few days prior, Wack also calls her out for having bad hygiene and attitude.

AceShowbiz - Blueface's manager has finally addressed his altercation with Chrisean Rock. When sharing his side of the story, Wack 100 argued that the female artist was just "a waste of time."

Wack offered his two cents on Instagram Story on Thursday, December 2. "I told the girl day 1 she was a waste of time! Hygiene bad attitude bad music bad #allbad #yagottago #getout [trashemojis] this aint how Baltimore get down," he penned.

Blueface himself has broken his silence on the incident, in which Wack 100 called police on Chrisean after she allegedly refused to leave the rapper's house. Taking to Instagram Story, the emcee explained, "When all of this was occuring, I was at home in my bed. I was out the night before."

"My phone was dead. I'm sure people was trying to call me but it wasn't getting into me," he added. "[Someone] woke me up and be like, 'Man look at the phone, Chrisean is on Live with the police at your house.' And I'm like, 'What? OK, this is weird."

" 'Cause I told Chrisean it's done with," the 24-year-old hip-hop star further recalled. "She was getting a little too out of hand for me. It was... her work ethic wasn't there enough for me to cope with. Her crazy life decisions and the way she thinks."

Blueface went on to note that Chrisean hasn't been living at his house as he arranged for her to live somewhere else. However, she allegedly continued to come to his property. "She kept trying to come and weird s**ts... I sent her back [to another location]. She busted all the windows," he claimed.

"Nobody touched her or put no hands on her. He was just frustrated; probably really trying to scare her," Blueface said of Wack. "He never struck at her or got too close. I ain't lettin' none of that type of stuff go down, so just a bunch of emotions. She wasn't supposed to be here at the time."

However, Chrisean denied Blueface's claims. She wrote on Instagram Story. "Expose ya n***a Wacc befor you lie on me. God don't like ugly. Talking bout my work ethic wasn't there. You a clown, like u know wassup just say you can't be a manager because you are a artist," she penned. "You had no clue how to show me n wen it came to certain s**t you was buggin… Cuz if I wannnn break s**t down for everyone I'll be the bad guy for airing the truth out."

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