Karrueche Tran Says DaBaby and DaniLeigh's Drama Makes Her 'Wanna Throw Up'

Slamming the 'Rockstar' spitter for the way he treated his baby mama during the very public fight, the model expresses her sympathy for the 'Yellow Bone' songstress.

AceShowbiz - Karrueche Tran has weighed in on DaBaby and DaniLeigh's drama. Having gone through a public breakup with Chris Brown, the model admitted that the nasty situation involving the Grammy-winning rapper and his baby mama "triggered [her] trauma."

Karrueche shared her two cents on the former couple's very public spat during an appearance on "The Angie Martinez Show". "I just-ugh. That just really triggered my trauma! I was like, 'Oh my God, PTSD,' " the actress said, to which Angie replied, "I get that for you."

Karrueche then took side as she admitted that she sympathized with DaniLeigh. "I felt that way for DaniLeigh," she said. "But DaniLeigh... I felt it in my soul and in my body, like, when I saw the videos."

The 33-year-old went on slamming DaBaby for the way he treated his baby mama. "What he was saying…it made me wanna throw up," she shared. "Because I felt her pain and I felt her embarrassment. 'Cause, it was public! And the things he was saying was disgusting!" Angie then chimed in to add, "It was bad."

Karruched also revealed that she reached out to DaniLeigh after videos of the fight became viral. "I sent her a message, I don't even know if she saw it or not but just to support," so she claimed, "Like, 'Yo, if you need anything, you need somebody to talk to or whatever, I'm here." She went on praising the "Breakfast Can Wait" singer, "And she just had a baby so to go through it with a child…a new baby…she's very, very strong."

DaBaby and DaniLeigh had a tense argument, which unraveled on social media, in November. The mother of one claimed her baby daddy tried to kick her out of his home, while he argued that he couldn't tolerate her "toxic behavior."

DaniLeigh later clapped back, saying that the big fight started after she told the rapper to get her a Plan B pill because he was being "irresponsible," which apparently triggered him. DaBaby insisted that they were not even together, but DaniLeigh responded by pulling out receipts to prove the timeline of their relationship.

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