Wife of Blac Chyna's Alleged Fling Doubles Down on Affair Claim, but Doesn't Blame the Model

The wife of producer Luce Cannon says she isn't mad at the video vixen despite her husband's infidelity, but laments the fact that he denies his child with her.

AceShowbiz - The wife of a producer who accused Blac Chyna of having an affair with her husband has doubled down on her claim, despite the model's denial. After the video vixen claimed that she has no romantic relationship whatsoever with Luce Cannon, his wife had more to say about her husband's alleged infidelity.

In a series of Instagram Stories, the woman said she doesn't blame Chyna and has let go of her husband. "For everyone, I am not mad I do not blame Chyna she has no loyalty to me and she is free to be with whatever married man she wants..," she wrote. "I took vows with him and had a child with him not her! I am not mad that they are together and have happily let her have him when I found out! I moved right out their way which is why they are now posting each other freely."

The woman then revealed that she has spoken with Chyna. "Like I told Chyna when she called me I'm not fighting no woman over my husband I'm by no means that desperate or dumb to be fighting over no man who cheated on and left him wife and newborn child husband or no husband," she added.

The woman, however, admitted that she's upset over the fact that her husband refuses to acknowledge her child with him. She penned, "This is the only thing I'm mad about my daughters father denying her publicly and now her not having a father in her life that's the ultimate tragedy."

Previously when accusing her husband of cheating on her with Chyna, the woman posted, "My husband @itslucecannon cheating on me his WIFE with @blacchyna. Remember I just had his child November 3, 2021 we live together and have been married for almost two years."

She claimed Chyna knew Cannon was married, "@itslucecannon and I planned our daughter and I sacrificed my life to bring her into this world he has decided couple weeks after giving birth to our beautiful daughter to start having a full blown affair with @blacchyna who was FULLY aware he is married."

Chyna later denied having an affair with Cannon, insisting that their relationship is strictly professional. "People need to stop lying and attempting to smear my name for publicity," she clapped back at the allegations. "Cannon and I are only working together to produce amazing music. As you can see the videos being shown are at venues for music promotion."

She concluded her message on a positive note as saying, "I wish everyone peace and happiness in their life! Take this holiday season to enjoy family and loved ones. Merry Christmas."

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