Brian May Regrets Attending Mask-Free Party When Revealing COVID-19 Diagnosis

When detailing how he likely caught the coronavirus, the lead guitarist of Queen, who is fully vaccinated, says that he decided to attend the bash because he thought he'd be in a 'safe bubble.'

AceShowbiz - Brian May is the latest celebrity to test positive for COVID-19. When unveiling his diagnosis on his social media account, the lead guitarist of Queen opened up about the regrets he had after attending a free-mask party.

On Saturday, December 18, the 74-year-old musician took to his Instagram account to share a video of him revealing that he and his wife Anita Dobson attended a friend's birthday lunch with a select group of friends. "We all walk around fearful of what happened if we got this terrible plague, well, it's kind of ironic for me and we've been incredibly careful Anita and myself, really not going anywhere and being hermit like in a way for the past 20 months or so," he recalled.

"Then last Saturday, we decided we would go to a birthday lunch," Brian continued. The star, who founded Queen alongside Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor, shared, "We thought, well this is the last social function we would go to -- not that we go to many anyway, we'll chance it, everybody's going to be triple-jabbed, everybody's going to be with one of these things [lateral flow test] which says you'll be negative on the morning."

Brian went on to point out that he believed the party was safe. "So it seemed to be set up very safely but of course you kind of know you're taking a risk and so we all went to the party," he recounted. He then quoted Professor Chris Whitty's advice to "decide what your priorities are" when it comes to socializing over the Christmas period due to the increase of Omicron cases in the U.K.

"We did and in retrospect perhaps we made the wrong decision, we could have seen him another time but that's history now," Brian told his fans. "It seemed like a safe situation, you have your negative tests, so what could possibly go wrong?"

Brian elaborated further that he and his wife "thought [they] were in a safe bubble so [they] didn't wear masks." The rock star added, "The new variant seems to be so incredibly transmissible that I'm not even sure that would have been safe, this thing is spreading at such an alarming rate."

After his test result came back positive, Brian said that he and his wife "kept away from everybody." He then detailed his symptoms, which included "terrible cough," as saying, "It's like the worst flu you can imagine. I nearly came on here to show how pathetic I looked."

Elsewhere in his 6-minute video, Brian criticized those who are against the COVID vaccine and wearing masks. He said, "I lost one of my best friends to COVID very early on, in six days it killed him. Could have done me in the last six days but it didn't because I've been jabbed." He then stressed, "I despair people protesting against the vaccine… Jesus Christ guys, our parents fought through wars and had their civil rights taken away."

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