Wendy Williams to Make Big Comeback After Reportedly Jealous Over Ratings Boom With Sherri Shepherd
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'The Wendy Williams Show' host reportedly can't stand watching people fill in for her, especially the former 'The View' co-host, who successfully scored the talk show's season 13 highest ratings.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams is reportedly ready to make a "big comeback" to "The Wendy Williams Show". The daytime diva is said to return soon to her talk show after reports claimed that she was "jealous" over the show's ratings that continue to rise with guest host Sherri Shepherd.

"If anybody thinks Wendy is done with television and show business in general, they're sadly mistaken," a source spilled to HollywoodLife.com on Thursday, December 16. "Wendy has been in this industry almost her entire life and she's definitely preparing to make a big comeback."

The insider went on saying, "She's feeling better every day and has every intention on coming back to her show, and even wants to work on some other projects in the upcoming year." The informant added, "Wendy never planned on not returning so that's not something that's even on her radar."

A separate source told The Sun on Wednesday about Wendy's alleged jealousy. "Sherri is the closest to Wendy that her fans are going to get, and she's funny," the insider claimed. "Wendy can't stand watching people fill in for her. She just can't and especially someone like Sherri, who is getting the love from her own audience."

The source further noted that Wendy is frustrated as her health struggles keep her off her iconic purple chair. "Wendy gets crazy jealous and having to sit on the sidelines is eating her up, but there's no way around it," the informant told the outlet. "The show must continue and when Sherri's on, the numbers go up."

With Sherri filling in and ratings soaring, it's reported that the show's producers are contemplating replacing the ailing host. "No-one expected ratings to go up 32% without Wendy. The fill-in hosts were just supposed to keep the show's lights on until Wendy was well enough to return," a source spilled of the talk show's guest hosts, which included Leah Remini, Michael Rapaport and Remy Ma.

"It was assumed that without Wendy, the audience would not watch, but this has not been the case," the source close to the daytime talk show added. "In fact, when Sherri Shepherd took over she not only retained all of Wendy's fans but also brought in a whole new audience too," the insider explained. "This is why the search has changed from finding a temporary replacement to a full-time one."

Sherri was scheduled to fill in for Wendy on Monday, December 13. However, she skipped her hosting duty after emergency appendicitis surgery following a "great deal of pain" in her stomach. In the Tuesday, December 14 episode, she explained what happened. She said during the show, "I'm walking through the streets of New York and it, literally, it was this excruciating pain in my abdomen."

"I went to the hospital only because I thought they were going to prescribe like a higher dosage Metamucil," Sherri recalled. The former "The View" co-host added, "But they put me, literally, they put me on an IV." After a quick cat scan, doctors told her she had appendicitis. "I started crying because the doctor said that I needed to have my appendix taken out like right then and there," she shared.

Elsewhere during the show, Sherri said, "So glad to be back," before joking, "It is so amazing how good life is when you don't have your appendix. You feel lighter." She continued, "I asked everybody before I went into surgery, I said since you're gonna be in my body anyway, can you do liposuction? Then I asked can you just take the fat off my stomach and put it in my booty? But everybody refused to give me anything."

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