Hitman Holla Leaves Fans in Shock After Leaking His Explicit Video With Girlfriend on Snapchat

The rapper and former cast member of 'Wild 'N Out' allegedly posts the NSFW clip featuring him and his girlfriend Cinnamon to his 'close friends' Story on Snapchat.

AceShowbiz - Hitman Holla has sent the Internet wild after he allegedly leaked his own explicit video. The rapper, whose real name is Gerald Fulton, Jr., reportedly posted the NSFW video featuring him and his girlfriend Cinnamon to his "close friends" Story on Snapchat.

Apparently someone from the "Diddy Dum Dum" emcee's "close friends" list recorded the clip and shared it to public. The video has now made its rounds online, leaving Twitter in shambles.

It didn't take long for social media users to react to the leaked video. "Me after seeing @HitmanHolla & Cinnamon Cf #yeslawd," said one who apparently liked the video. Another suggestively commented, "I see why Cinn took them bullets for Hitman Holla SHATTTTT."

"Is Hitman Holla gonna drop a complete tape? Inquiring minds would like to know," another who enjoyed the clip wrote. A fourth person tweeted, "I done watched his hitman holla video 10xs already."

"Cause baby Hitman holla and Cyn .. I see y'all she love hi. Baby they close friends lit as f**k," someone remarked. Another accused him of seeking attention, "Hitman holla too weird for posting that lmao. Like what in the clout chase?"

"Why tha hell would @HitmanHolla post those videos and how'd they still get leaked from his close friends," someone similarly inquired. One other roasted Hitman, "Hitman holla is lame bc why are you posting all of that on your cf anyways like that's multiple videos tf."

Someone, meanwhile, doubted that the 33-year-old rapper intentionally leaked the video, "I'm late af but was Hitman holla hacked cuz i know he ain't just post all that on his story." Another, however, begged to differ as saying, "Did I like the hitman holla video yes I did, but I think this was intentional. Him and Cinn always overshared."

Hitman has neither confirmed nor denied if it was indeed him in the video.

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