Charlamagne Tha God Wants to Repair Friendship With Nicki Minaj
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The radio personality, who used to be good friends with the Trinidadian star, reveals in a new interview that he wants to make amends with the raprtess after calling 'Anaconda' 'trash.'

AceShowbiz - Charlamagne Tha God has regretted his remarks about Nicki Minaj's hit "Anaconda". The radio personality, who used to be good friends with the Trinidadian star, revealed that he wanted to make amends with the rapper after calling the song "trash."

"What celebrity would I like to make amends with...probably Nicki Minaj," Charlamagne said in an interview with Jalen Rose. "Me and Nicki used to be super, we used to be really cool. Yeah, I was very vocal about not liking the 'Anaconda' record back in the day and, yeah, definitely, probably Nicki."

"The Breakfast Club" host added that he "got a lotta respect for Nicki. What Nicki has done is unprecedented. She revitalized female Hip Hop over the past decade."

Further gushing over the "Bang Bang" artist, CTG said, "All of these new artists, every single one of 'em from [Cardi B] to [Megan Thee Stallion], it's because of Nicki." He continued, "Nicki opened that lane again. Yeah, probably Nicki."

Nicki has yet to respond to CTG's intention to repair their relationship.

Things went south in their friendship over Charlamagne's remarks about her mega hit track back in 2019. That even led Nicki to accuse him leading a "hate train" against her, though he denied the accusations. Defending himself, the podcaster claimed at the time, "Nicki and I have had conversations about this via phone call and via text message. We've had these discussions about this 'hate train.' It's not true. If she wants to believe that and wants her fans to believe that, it's cool."

He went on to insist, "The moral of the story is I love Nicki Minaj,. And the respect she's telling everybody she deserves, she has already." He went on to divulge, "I have gotten on this radio a million times and said this whole new wave of female rap is because of Nicki Minaj. She is the leader of the new school when it comes to female emcees and nobody can take that away from her."

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