Kim's Daughter Chicago and Niece Dream Tell On North and Psalm for Messing With Xmas Decor

Kim Kardashian shares on her Instagram Story a hilarious video of her catching the two little girls playing with her Christmas decoration which they're not supposed to be touching.

AceShowbiz - Kim Kardashian knows when her little ones are up to something and she won't let it slide. The mother of four has shared a hilarious video of her catching her daughter Chicago West and niece Dream Kardashian playing with her Christmas decoration which they were not supposed to be touching.

The video began with Kim confronting the two little girls about what happened to the elf of the shelf. "What's happening?" the reality TV star asked in the Wednesday, December 1 Instagram Story. Chicago claimed that the elf was "sick," as Dream pointed out that it "fell down itself like four times."

Kim, noticing some glitter on her niece's forehead, pressed on, "I feel like you were in some of the decorations stuff. What do you think? Girls, you really can't be touching her." Dream defended herself and Chicago as she replied, "We weren't touching her."

"She just got here?" the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star tried to play along with Chicago and Dream. Rob Kardashian's daughter then adorably blamed North for messing with the elf, saying, "No, North touched her because she got sick." Chicago tried to explain, "She holded her sleeve with the elf."

"So she never really touched her?" Kim said, before telling them, "Well girls, I don't think the elf needs to be in the doctor's office like this. We cannot touch these elves, guys." Dream added, "We didn't touch it. It just fell down by itself."

"Yeah and Psalmy touched it," Chicago chimed in, tattling on her little brother. "Oh so we're gonna blame everyone else," Kim joked as North came downstairs and came with a solution to the "sick" elf.

"It's magic. It's gonna help it live," North said as she sprinkled some sugar on the elf. She told her sister and cousin, "Sprinkle it on it guys. It's going to die, it's sick. It's going to help it live. Don't touch it!" Kim eventually gave in as she said, "Ok, interesting."

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