Doja Cat Rants About Feeling Pressured While Making Her Music

The 'Kiss Me More' hitmaker gets candid about the matter in an Instagram Live session, saying that she hasn't be able to fully enjoy her career in the last 5 years.

AceShowbiz - Doja Cat may have hit songs, but the singer/rapper admitted that she couldn't fully enjoy making music in the last 5 years. The "Kiss Me More" hitmaker got candid about the matter in an Instagram Live session, saying that the pressure got the best of her.

"I just mean, make music like, willy nilly, have fun and just jam and make some s**t. I haven't done that in maybe five years it feels like," Doja revealed to her fans. "I'm doing all this s**t that I don't f**kin' wanna do. I don't want to take f**king pictures."

She went on to lament, "Like, yes, I have at photo-planning a photoshoot is very fun. Capturing a concept, capturing a visual idea, like something like that...I love fashion. I really do."

"Do I want to do that s**t because I have to? No! No I don't! But I feel pressured to do s**t like that," the "Say So" singer continued. "I don't want to do that. I want to be home. I wanna play f**king-I wanna make music. I wanna play f**king video games."

Among those who responded to Doja's online complaint was "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star Bobby Lytes. "I totally understand what she's saying, but Doja you are our new Pop Princess, so snap out of it!!" the VH1 personality advised the singer. Singer Nivea apparently found it relatable as she wrote in a comment, "Oh my Lamb I Completely relate to this."

Some fans showed sympathy for Doja. "Famous or not, everyone gets tired of having to do things every damn day. I don't blame her," one person commented. "Shawty just needs a break. They are overworking her because she got a BIG machine behind her wanting to milk her for all the money they can," someone else opined.

Some fans, meanwhile, were concerned about Doja's mental health. "Pray for her sanity… she's been complaining about this a lot lately," one said. Echoing the sentiment, another person noted, "Praying for anyone that's dealing with something mentally. Better days are coming."

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