Elephante Credits Anti-Asian Hate for His New Pride in His Taiwanese Roots

The 'High Water' hitmaker, whose real name Tim Wu, says that while he hasn't experienced any violence himself, he experiences a very embarrassing moment on a plane flight.

AceShowbiz - The anti-Asian sentiment sweeping through America has given singer and producer Elephante a new pride in his Taiwanese roots.

The "High Water" hitmaker, real name Tim Wu, used to shy away from his ethnicity when he was younger but he has started embracing his parents' homeland during the COVID lockdown, especially now that so many Asian-Americans are being attacked by ignorant thugs who believe they are responsible for the spread of the coronavirus.

"It definitely contributed to my relationship with my background and my ethnicity and understanding that it's a part of me and something that I should be proud of...," he tells WENN. "When I was younger, it was something that I was uncomfortable talking about and trying to deflect from.

"But now the overall theme of my new album, "Heavy Glow", is embracing what makes you you, and not being ashamed of it and knowing that you can be surrounded by this heavy glow and other people always see it and it's not something to be ashamed of, because it makes up who you are."

Harvard graduate Elephante insists he hasn't experienced any violence himself, but there was a very embarrassing moment on a plane flight.

"Most of what I've experienced is not physically harmful, but if I sneeze in a public place, people get scared," he explains. "I was wearing a mask and sat down next to a fellow on an airplane and he got really upset and tried to get me moved."

Elephante is among the headliners at the Head in the Clouds festival in Pasadena, California this weekend, November 06.

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