Jamie Dornan Not Proud of His Modelling Career
British GQ Magazine

The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' actor gets candid as he discusses his modelling past, admitting he is embarrassed for having his 'photograph taken for a living.'

AceShowbiz - Jamie Dornan used to lie about his modelling career because he was embarrassed.

The actor - who has three daughters with wife Amelia Warner - struggled with the "energy" and the "vanity" of his former career and admitted when he used to meet women he'd pretend he had a different job.

"I struggled with, let's say, the energy. There's too much vanity and it just feels douche-y as f**k," he told Britain's GQ Magazine. "Too much nonsense. Whenever I went on a date or met a girl in a pub or whatever, I'd say I was a landscape gardener or worked for Google - anything but admit to having my photograph taken for a living."

Despite it being a big part of the job, the Belfast star - who started modelling in 2003 before taking his first steps into acting in 2006 - still isn't comfortable having his photograph taken because it feels so "unnatural."

"I didn't love (modelling)," he admitted. "And I still don't like having my photograph taken. I find it odd. I find it an unnatural thing to happen. It's not fun to be told continually to move your head about like it is on a swivel."

Jamie turns 40 in May next year (22) but he isn't "afraid" of the milestone because it has given him perspective.

"It gives you perspective, doesn't it? I am not afraid of that any more," he grinned. "I'm not someone with a five-year plan... but if my twenties were about beginning this career, modelling, the start of acting, and my thirties were about establishing myself, then I want my forties to be about building something that will last."

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