Tyler Cameron 'Not Worried About Dating' After Fans Ship Him With Kim Kardashian

In a new interview, the season 15 contestant of 'The Bachelorette' dubs the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' alum 'fun' and 'easy to work with' following their joint sketch on 'Saturday Night Live'.

AceShowbiz - Tyler Cameron has given a clear answer after fans shipped him and Kim Kardashian following their joint sketch on "Saturday Night Live". In a new interview, the season 15 contestant of "The Bachelorette" said that he's "not worried" about dating.

The 28-year-old told Page Six that he currently has no plans to slide into the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum's DMs. When asked to share his thoughts about dating the SKIMS founder, he joked, "You know, I think, I think Kim's doing all right without me."

As for whether he would ever shoot his shot with Kim, Tyler said, "No, no." He went on to note, "I'm not worried about dating anybody right now." Though so, the ABC star confessed that he enjoyed working with the 41-year-old TV personality.

"You get up there and you see her, and she was, she killed and she was a pro, you know," Tyler, who recently called it quits with Camila Kendra after eight months of dating, gushed. He added, "She was up there. She did such a great job, but she was hilarious all night and she was just, she was fun and easy to work with."

Tyler went on to stress that he isn't looking for a new relationship. "I mean, if it happens, it happens," he told the publication. "But I'm just looking to work on projects I'm working on and make things happen."

Elsewhere in the interview, Tyler said that he's been "doing well" after his split and has been "having a blast." He also spilled his secret to getting over heartbreak. "Get busy. If you're feeling lonely, I would say, if you feel like you want to text your ex," he shared.

"Go hit your best friends up. Go hit your homies up. Get out, go do something. Stay busy," Tyler advised. "Being by yourself, staying, you know, kind of being a hermit is the worst thing you can do."

During the October 9 "SNL" episode, Kim played Rochelle, a character who was searching for the love of her life among a group of men that included Chace Crawford, Jesse Williams, Chris Rock, Blake Griffin, John Cena and Tyler.

"I have no doubt in my mind that my husband is in this room," Kim said, mocking a line that's often said on "The Bachelorette". She added, "In fact, I wish I could marry each and every one of you, but that would be way too many husbands."

Kim then chose Tyler and thanked him for being vulnerable by showing off his "hot body." As Tyler humbly accepted the honor, he noted he would see her "in the hot tub," which further referenced the popular reality TV show.

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