Jessie J Confirms Break-Up With Dancer Boyfriend

The 'Price Tag' hitmaker says she's 'open, happy and loving [herself]' as she confirms that she is no longer in a relationship with dancer Max Pham Nguyen.

AceShowbiz - Jessie J's romance with Max Pham Nguyen is over.

The singer started the relationship with Max earlier this year (21) following her split from actor Channing Tatum but has confirmed to fans that the pair are now "just friends."

In an Instagram Q&A, Jessie was asked what her relationship status is and answered, "Open, happy and loving myself."

The "Price Tag" hitmaker added, "Max and I have been just friends for a while now."

Jessie explained that "nothing dramatic happened" and pleaded with fans not to "overreact."

She said, "He is an amazing man. We both have so much respect and love for each other. It just wasn't right romantically. So we decided just friends it is. (sic)"

Jessie explained that the "only reason" she is willing to talk about the split is because "it becomes weird and a little difficult when people live in your past."

"I hate how much of a big deal other people can make your personal break-ups," she shared. "We are both happy, living and loving our lives."

The newly-single singer has been spending time with her closed ones. She proudly called herself "auntie J" as she posted adorable babies on Instagram. "My heart couldn't burst anymore," she wrote in one of the captions. "Seeing two of my chosen sisters become parents and both handling every moment like absolute queens has been one of my proudest moments in my life to witness."

She also shared an equally sweet video of her dancing with mom and dad. "Will always be their baby girl who loves a Sunday morning dance party," she penned. "Stealing the hand on the chest leg up move from Dad and the slow waist side step from Mum move for my next tour."

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