Bill Clinton Breaks Silence Following Hospitalization

The former President of the United States is 'touched' by outpouring support as he is on the road to recovery and glad to be back home from hospital following health scare.

AceShowbiz - Bill Clinton is "doing great" after being discharged from hospital.

The former U.S. President spent five nights at a Californian hospital after a urinary tract infection developed into sepsis, but he arrived back at his New York house on Sunday (17Oct21) and is "really glad to be back home."

Speaking in a video shared on his Twitter account, he said, "I was so touched by the outpouring of support I received during my stay in the hospital, thanks so much."

"I'm really glad to be back home, I'm doing great, enjoying this beautiful fall weather."

Following his health scare, Bill has urged others to take care of themselves and admitted he is planning to do just that and keep doing "the most (he) can for a lot longer."

He added, "I'm on the road to recovery but I want to remind everyone out there, take the time to listen to your bodies and care for yourselves."

"We all have work to do, and each of us has an important role to play in life, and in the immediate future. I for one am going to do my best to be around to keep doing the most that I can for a lot longer."

After he was released from hospital over the weekend, Dr Alpesh Amin, who oversaw the team of medics who were treating the former U.S. leader, said in a statement, "His fever and white blood cell count are normalised and he will return home to New York to finish his course of antibiotics."

Bill left hospital alongside his wife, former presidential candidate Hillary, and he gave a thumbs up to reporters as he headed home.

He was in California to attend a private event for his foundation, but he started to feel fatigued last week.

After undergoing a series of tests, he was admitted to hospital to receive treatment.

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