Miley Cyrus Gets Risque for Magazine Photo Shoot

The 'Wrecking Ball' hitmaker has treated her fans to a series of the steamy snaps, which were taken at her Nashville, Tennessee farm, via her social media account.

AceShowbiz - Pop star Miley Cyrus has stripped off in a racy photo shoot for Interview magazine.

The "Wrecking Ball" hitmaker is topless in the photos and accompanying video footage for the outlet's regular series in which celebrities interview each other - and Miley has Metallica's Lars Ulrich playing reporter.

Now she has shared the steamy snaps, which were taken at her Nashville, Tennessee farm, on Instagram.

In the first photo, which appears to be the cover of Interview's Fall 2021 issue, the singer's breasts are covered with yellow circles and the words "Miley" and "Cyrus."

She captions her post, "TA-DA & TA-TAs!!!!!" and thanks photographer Brianna Capozzi for the shoot.

The video shows her wearing a variety of outfits, including fluorescent pink Versace heels, and a skimpy yellow outfit as she suggestively eats a banana, while sitting next to dozens of peeled bananas.

Miley also shared a rear-end shot while modelling a pair of lacy black Gucci panties. "@gucci on my coochie," she captioned it.

In the interview, she says, "Yeah, I really am a rock star. I love having these authentic, real rock dudes in my band."

"We even revisit songs that I wrote before I was able to make this huge sonic pivot in my career, before I discovered rock and roll. Now, we cover my own songs. We take my original songs, and turn them on their head, and make them kick a**."

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