The luxurious vacation home built by the country music couple in their private island in the Bahamas has changed owners after the stars put it on the market for $35 million.

AceShowbiz - Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have sold their luxury home in the Bahamas.

The country couple built the retreat after buying the island L'ile d'Anges in 2003, and placed the vacation home on the market for $35 million (£25.7 million) in February (21).

The spectacular property, which was completed in 2012, includes two beachfront yurts with a private dock and three staff houses, and sits on a high point near the centre of the island, also known as Goat Cay.

Rumor has it, renovations became a costly nightmare when the couple were required to build housing for construction workers. "We set out to build a house," Hill told Architectural Digest. "We had no idea we had to build everything else. We basically had to build a little town."

Meanwhile, McGraw explained why they bought the island, "We've been all over the world, and we really wanted to create a special place we couldn't find anywhere else."

He said of the couple's vision for their vacation home, "We wanted it set up so that when we brought people down, they'd get the same feeling that we got when we first came. The same reaction to the pristineness of it, to how relaxed it feels. The house is functional, but it really blends into the environment."

He recalled seeing their dream house for the first time after the renovations completed, "It was early evening, and the landscaping was done and the house was furnished and open and there were candles lit, and it just took our breath away."

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