Chris Martin Admits to Initially Thinking BTS Collaboration a Ridiculous Idea

Days after 'My Universe' topped Billboard Hot 100, the Coldplay frontman looks back at his reaction when the South Korean pop group requested a team-up with his band.

AceShowbiz - Chris Martin initially scoffed at the idea of recording a song with BTS (Bangtan Boys) because he didn't think the idea would work. The Coldplay singer reveals BTS approached his band and requested a team-up, but he never thought anything would come of the South Korean pop group's interest.

"Someone said to us 18 months ago, 'Oh BTS want to do a song with you,' " Martin told "Elvis Duran and the Morning Show". "[I was like], 'That's never going to work, that's ridiculous.' "

But then, while Chris and his bandmates were laying down tracks for their new album "Music of the Spheres", one song, "My Universe", started to pop up as a possible collaboration. "It felt like this was the song for BTS and us to do - a song about love that's difficult that has to transcend borders," he told U.S. radio host Duran.

And he's glad the powers that be in his universe brought the two supergroups together. "It was very natural and it's been an amazing experience and we love them deeply," he added, insisting one day soon Coldplay and BTS will get together and perform the single in person - even though his band will look like the South Koreans' "weird uncles."

"We look like the people that paid for the dance lesson or something," Martin joked. "It's a strange visual because you get these seven gorgeous young men and... what's the rock with all the presidents carved in the rock? Looks like they're standing in front of a sort of soft rock Mount Rushmore [sic]."

"My Universe" has become a huge hit for both bands - last week it gave Coldplay their first Billboard Hot 100 number one in America since 2008.

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