'RHOSLC' Star Jen Shah Apologizes to Meredith Marks' Son Brooks After Argument About His Sexuality

In a new episode of 'The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City', the Bravo star insists that she 'would never' want Brooks to feel that she 'hurt' him after she allegedly 'liked' homophobic remarks about him.

AceShowbiz - Jen Shah has apologized to Brooks after she allegedly "liked" homophobic social media posts about him. In a new episode of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City", the Bravo star finally made amends with Meredith Marks' son.

"I talked to your mom and I didn't understand what she was still hurt about," the 47-year-old reality star told Brooks in the Sunday, October 10 episode of "RHOSLC". She added, "Then she told me and it really broke my heart because I had no idea that any comments I made, that you had taken them like that."

Jen then recalled homophobic tweets that were made about Brooks and "liked" from her official Twitter. She explained that she talked to her team about running her social media accounts and said that she has to take responsibility for others who may have "liked" such posts, as she has previously claimed was the case.

In response, Brooks told Jen that he had "no clue" that the social media posts were being "liked" by someone on her team instead of her. "I don't even know how to articulate the pain that I went through because of everything. And I don't want to get emotional again, but it was really difficult," the 21-year-old said.

"I've just been, like, on my own journey of self-exploration," Brooks said. He then added, "Just to see what I was seeing on social media and hear the terms that have been used growing up as a weapon against me, like, calling me a sissy b***h or whatever else, honestly it's really difficult for me to talk about." He also pointed out that the drama made things harder for him because he felt everyone would believe Jen "before [he] even had a voice to talk for [himself]."

In response, Jen told him, "I would never want you to feel that I somehow outed you." She later added, "Now, knowing what you're going through, I can see how that would hurt you." When the two were finally making up, Jen began to shed a few tears before Brooks gave her a hug and assured her everything was okay.

After seeing Jen apologizing directly to her son, Meredith said in a confessional, "At the end of all of this, the only thing I want is peace for my child." The 49-year-old mom also highlighted that it was "a massive relief" to see Jen and her son on good terms with one another. "This has been on my heart forever," she said.

Previously, Jen had apologized to Meredith for her alleged social media behavior. However, Meredith doubted Jen's apology, noting that she couldn't fully "trust" her co-star's motives. "Jen has apologized before and the behavior continued," she said. "So how can I trust that this apology means that the behavior's gonna stop?"

The feud between Meredith and Jen started after Meredith slammed Jen for liking homophobic tweets regarding her son's sexuality during the September 26 episode of "RHOSLC". She fumed, "It is really painful. I was told about a Zoom that you hosted where you were questioning him coming out and his sexuality."

"I heard you with my own ears talk about publicly, 'Well, Brooks has never seen a vagina,' " Meredith added. She continued defending her son, "Those are negative homophobic, microaggressions for a young adult -- who has not determined where he stands."

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