Matthew McConaughey Calls Texas Abortion Law Unfair, Describes Politics as 'Bag of Rats'

The 'Dallas Buyers' Club' actor explains the reasons why he has a change of heart about the possibility of running for public office in his home state of Texas.

AceShowbiz - "Dallas Buyers' Club" star Matthew McConaughey is still not sure if he wants to run for governor in his home state of Texas.

The Oscar-winning actor has been weighing the pros and cons of throwing his hat in the ring and recently placed well ahead of Republican incumbent Greg Abbott in opinion polls.

However, Matthew still hasn't committed to running because he thinks politics is a "bag of rats" and believes his life "outside of politics" is better than it would be if he changed his career path.

"One side of the argument is, McConaughey, exactly. (The corruption is) why you need to go get in there," he said during an appearance on the New York Times' Sway podcast.

"The other side is, pfft, that's a bag of rats, man. Don't touch that with a 10-foot pole. There's another (reason not to run) - you have another lane. You have another category to have influence, and get done things you'd like to get done, and help how you think you can help, and even heal divides. Maybe it's much better outside of politics."

The "Dazed and Confused" star did not explain his stance on abortion but agreed that Texas' new extreme legislation that criminalises terminations after six weeks with no exception for victims of rape isn't a fair one.

"Yeah, now, the abortion - this new SB (Senate Bill) 8, six-week abortion ban - I'm not going to come out and tell you right now on this show, here's where I stand on abortion," he said. "We've been trying to figure out that, and how to play God with that situation, since the beginning."

"But this latest move by Texas? It's a... feels a little juvenile in its implementation to me," he said.

"And also, you know, how it ... doesn't really (allow for abortion in the case of) rape and incest, that's ... I got a problem with that. And also, six weeks. Six weeks? If you're saying that your discussion of abortion is even on the table to consider, six weeks does not really make that an honest consideration."

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