Dave Grohl Admits to Avoid Listening to Nirvana Song for A Long Time

Aside from looking back at the time he chose to turn off the radio, the band's former drummer recalls the beautiful moment he had with his 12-year-old when 'Come As You Are' came on.

AceShowbiz - Dave Grohl used to turn off the radio when a Nirvana song came on. The musician was the drummer for the rock band, fronted by the late Kurt Cobain, but admitted during an interview with Absolute Radio's Dave Berry that he struggled for a "long time" to listen to the group's efforts.

However, now he's a dad, he's learned to enjoy looking back on Nirvana's musical exploits with his children. "There was a long time when a song would come on and I would just turn it off," he explained.

"I don't want to hear that. It would bring back lots of difficult memories but now I'll be driving with my kids in the car now and a Nirvana song will come on and they will start singing it and they know the words, and we don't listen to it at home but somehow it's become a part of their lives now and it's cool."

Grohl went on to recall "a really beautiful moment" when he was in the car with his 12-year-old daughter Harper and Nirvana's "Come As You Are" came on the radio. When she started asking her dad what Cobain was like in real life, he told her, "He was really sweet, you know he was kind of shy, a little reserved and could be sort of quiet."

"She said, 'Wow that's really interesting that someone that could be so shy could write these songs and stand in front of hundreds of thousands of people and sing them,' and I thought what a beautiful insight for a 12-year-old... she was asking me about my life then because she wanted to understand it through the music," he smiled.

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