Ann Wilson Defends Vaccine Policy for Bandmates and Crew

The Heart singer demands her bandmates and crew members are all vaccinated for Covid-19 as she talks about hitting the road amid pandemic in a new interview.

AceShowbiz - Heart star Ann Wilson was so determined to make sure everyone on her current tour stayed healthy, she insisted all her bandmates and crew were vaccinated against COVID.

The "Barracuda" singer faced a little backlash after making her demands, but stood her ground and told musicians who were reluctant to get their shots they could always find another tour.

"The protocol that we observe now is really intense," Ann tells Ultimate Classic Rock. "The last couple of legs that we went out on..., some of those venues don't allow you on the premises unless you've tested negative. And some don't allow you on the premises unless you have a vaccination card."

"We had to lay down this thing for our whole tour group. Every last crew person, every band person, had to be vaccinated. Some of them just kind of stomped their feet and went, 'Well, that's against my... you know, I'm a free spirit. I don't have to.' And we went, 'Well, you do if you want to be on this tour.' So they all did."

"But we're still careful. Everyone has to mask up when they're not in their dressing room. So far we haven't had any positive tests and we've been out on three legs now. You've just gotta play it super-careful."

Ann Wilson is currently working on her next studio installment. She started writing songs while being cooped up at home during lockdown last year.

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