Harry Styles Helps Pregnant Fan Reveal Baby's Gender During Concert

The 'Watermelon Sugar' hitmaker thrilled one of his female fans at a recent concert in Nashville, Tennessee as he agreed to help reveal the gender of her baby.

AceShowbiz - Harry Styles stopped a concert in Nashville, Tennessee on Wednesday (29Sep21) so he could reveal what sex a pregnant fan's baby would be.

The "Golden" hitmaker was performing at the Bridgestone Arena when he spotted the woman in the audience urging him to help her.

The fan held a sign which played on the lyrics to Harry's song "Kiwi" and read, "I'm having a baby. Please make it your business..."

Another poster urged him to "open the results," which he agreed to do.

After being given a piece of paper containing the results, Harry, who was on the phone to the woman's partner, Mike, laughed and said, "I revel in these moments because I know everything... and you don't."

He then joked he planned to keep the couple in suspense as he said, "OK, we're going to do another song! Oh you're still there, Mike!"

He then asked the audience to start a count down before dropping to his knees and declaring, "It's a little baby girl. That's what I wanted. Is that what you wanted?"

The singer then pretended to cry with joy as the arena erupted in cheers at the news.

Harry clearly likes to read the signs his fans hold up at shows as last week he offered some dating advice to one woman in the audience after she used a placard to ask him a question.

At a show in Minnesota, one sign read, "Should I text him?," prompting the "Adore You" singer to address the question on stage.

He said, "In my opinion, if you should, then this isn't even a question... If you're wondering, 'Should I text him? Can't text him too soon… And now I'm thinking about double texting and that's whole other risky business...' My personal opinion is that if there's any sort of games: Trash, trash, trash, not for you."

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