Mila Kunis Finds It 'Weird' Covid Vaccine Can't Get Approved for Kids Under 12

The 'Bad Moms' actress is frustrated her children can't get Covid jab as approval date for kids under 12 years old keeps getting pushed back for unknown reason.

AceShowbiz - Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are frustrated that their kids can't be vaccinated against coronavirus.

The couple thinks it's "weird" that the jabs are currently only licensed in the U.S. for those aged over 12 and can't understand why the approval date seemingly keeps getting "pushed" for unknown reasons.

Mila said, "That's what we were talking about. Yeah, it is (weird), because every day you're like, 'I hear it's going to be approved by X date,' and then it gets pushed and it gets pushed, and you hope that it's getting pushed for the right reasons and not just because someone wants to put their name on it."

Ashton added to People magazine, "And who wants to be the parents that give their kid COVID and then gets their kid's school shut down and keeps kids from being educated because they didn't get vaccinated because the kid couldn't get vaccinated."

"Even if you are vaccinated you still can get COVID and give it to your kid, and they can still get very sick and get the entire school shut down. Who wants to be that person? Nobody."

Mila previously revealed in May she got vaccinated after waiting for hours.

The actress wasn't eligible for the jab in Los Angeles until April 15 - when the state of California made vaccines available to everyone aged 16 and older, but she didn't want to wait and joined thousands of other "vaccine chasers" standing in the rain as she's trying to score spare shots left over at the end of the day that might otherwise have to be disposed of.

Her mission was eventually accomplished in two days.

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