Akbar V and Tommie Lee Have a Screaming Match While Filming 'The Conversation'

Despite the chaotic turn, it does intrique people to tune in as one person writes on Twitter, 'Tommie and Akbar down to the Zeus network acting a fool and yes I'll be tuned in.'

AceShowbiz - The conversation between Akbar V and Tommie Lee seemingly doesn't go well. Akbar V and Tommie joined "The Conversation" in hopes of mending fences, but it doesn't go as planned as things take a chaotic turn during the filming.

In a new video which was shared on Wednesday, September 29, the two former "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" stars are seen at fighting and yelling at each other while filming Zeus Network's show, which features two people trying to mend their relationship. Security had to physically stop them from attacking each other physically.

"You don't have a page, you don't have endorsements, you have nothing going on!" Tommie is heard screaming in the video. She continues, "You have nothing going on!" Meanwhile, Akbar promises that Tommie would have to "see" her.

Despite the chaos, the messy trailer does intrique people to tune in. "Tommie and Akbar down to the Zeus network acting a fool and yes I'll be tuned in," one Twitter user wrote. Another person added, "So Tommie and Akbar having a face2face sit down on Zeus lmaooo… neither can fight tho Yall swear Tommie can fight because of her mouth and she portray to be crazy she ain’t got real hands … I thought Akbar beat her up in the studio a few years back already!"

"I'm glad Tommie pulled Akbar's card cuz sis really needs to sit tf down somewhere," someone else opined. Another excited fan tweeted, "WAIT, Tommie and Akbar are on The Conversation on Zeus? Let me give them these $5 for October."

The beef between Akbar and Tommie started years ago when the ladies allegedly had a physical altercation in Atlanta. Akbar claimed she blacked Tommie's eyes during the brawl, but Tommie denied that she ever got into an altercation with Akbar.

Fast forward in February, Akbar appeared to reignited the beef by challengie Tommie to a boxing match. Taking to her Instagram page, Akbar wrote, "Tommie I'll box you let's go all love with your people."

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