Mindy Kaling Gets Candid About Turning to Reese Witherspoon for Parenting Advice

In a new interview, 'The Mindy Project' alum points out that her co-star in 'A Wrinkle in Time' managed to juggling running a company, being a producer and raising her three children.

AceShowbiz - Mindy Kaling credits Reese Witherspoon with giving her "great parenting advice."

The actress has two children - 3-year-old Katherine and 12-month-old Spencer - and has praised her close pal for teaching her the importance of "making time" for herself so she can be a better parent to her kids.

"Reese Witherspoon is always such a great source of parenting advice because she is so playful and fun and incredibly busy," she explained. "She has three kids, but also this really full-time career. She acts, she runs this company, she's a producer and everything too."

"She's a person who always gives me great advice, and I think she's the one that has taught me the importance of making time for myself so that I could be a good parent for my kids."

"The Mindy Project" alum also heaped praise on Reese - who has Ava, 22, and Deacon, 17, with her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, as well as 8-year-old Tennessee with spouse Jim Toth - for her "incredibly smart" investment choices.

Speaking to People, she added, "The other thing about Reese is that she's just incredibly smart about investing -that's something that people might not know, but she loves to invest. And she's really smart about it."

"That's not strictly parenting advice, but I think she's doing it because she wants to provide for her children and make sure their futures are secure... She's just so good at that kind of thing."

This was not the first time Mindy praised Reese for being supportive. In November 2020, she told Popsugar about the Hollywood star's thoughtful gifts after the birth of her second child. "I felt like the minute I got back from the hospital, there was a gorgeous gift for Spencer, with beautiful clothes and toys," she said.

"And this is why you know a gift is from Reese Witherspoon - she also got my older kid something. My daughter, who didn't do anything, got all these beautiful clothes and toys, too," the 42-year-old continued. "And she sent us food, so we didn't have to cook for four days. So, that's to me just a very Reese Witherspoon-type present where it's thoughtful but in a very macro way. Like, she really knows what's going on in your life. That was impressive to me."

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