Falynn Pina 'Pissed Off' as She Accuses Ex Simon Guobadia of Stalking and Sending Packages

Confirming the former 'RHOA' star's claims, her current boyfriend Jaylan Banks says Simon somehow found out their new home address after they moved from Sandy Springs to Duluth.

AceShowbiz - Simon Guobadia may be still holding grudge against his ex-wife Falynn Pina despite both having moved on with new relationship. The former friend of Porsha Williams is now accusing her ex-husband of stalking and sending her packages.

Falynn, who was Porsha's co-star on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta", vented her frustration over her ex on Instagram Stories. "Alright…NOW I'm pissed tf off," she wrote on Tuesday, September 7. "Y'all wanted me to speak up?! I will NOT continue to be bullied for s**t I did not do!!!!"

Falynn, who is currently expecting her first child together with Jaylan Banks, denied that she cheated on Simon during their marriage. "Idk how many f**king times I have to say this s**t!!! I DID NOT CHEAT ON MY EX. We had a silent and mutual understanding that him and I, BOTH, were done with the marriage and we went out separate ways before we even went public in regards to our divorce," she stressed.

She then made the allegation against her ex-husband, "And if I had, why do you continue to stalk and post anything about anything I'm doing?!" She continued to shade him, "It's one thing to speak on your past in a way of maturity, growth, healing, etc…but NO, you're out here sending packages to our f**king house and posting subliminal captions quoting everything Jaylan and I say on our social media towards one another as if somebody did something to you."

Believing that they're no different from each other when it comes to their new relationship, Falynn pointed out, "You're mad bc I got into a relationship with my best friend. Cool. You got engaged to my cast mate/ someone I had around us outside of filming. BOOM, B***h! Everyone f**king wins!!! We both ain't s**t. How's that for REALNESS?"

"I DO NOT GIVE AF ABOUT YOU and neither does Jaylan," she fumed. "I'm tired of talking about this irrelevant s**t. Please move one with your pursuit of happiness and leave me alone!!!!" She also pled with her ex, "Stop being a coward and trying to get Jaylan banned from every establishment you step foot in. The staff are laughing at you and telling us. It's not working in your favor. So stop."

Confirming Falynn's claims, Jaylan told The Shade Room that Simon somehow managed to find out the couple's new address after he and Falynn changed their numbers and moved from her previous Sandy Springs, GA townhome to Duluth. "God knows how this dude got the address to our new house. Simon sent packages to him & the expectant mother of his child’s home on August 24th while they were out of town," said the expectant father.

Jaylan added that Simon always tries to avoid being in the same place with him. He claimed when he walks into a venue, Simon leaves within 5-10 minutes. He also alleged that Simon alerts the owners to try and prevent Jaylan from entering the venue.

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