Ahead of his recognition with the British GQ Legend Award, 'The Father' star looks back at the time he was told by his agent that he would never work again if he left Britain.

AceShowbiz - Anthony Hopkins' acting agent once warned the star he'd "never work again" if he moved to America.

The distinguished actor was born in Wales and quickly found success in the U.K., scooping a BAFTA nomination for his turn in 1968's "The Lion in Winter" opposite Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn and scoring roles at London's prestigious National Theatre.

But Hopkins was so unhappy living and working in England, he was desperate to move to the U.S. and he tells Britain's GQ Magazine he was warned he'd be waving goodbye to his burgeoning career as a thespian if he did.

"I'd felt like I was on the run," he shares. "I was at the National Theatre, I had a great time and I was given great opportunities by people such as [Laurence] Olivier. But there was something in me that wasn't settled. I couldn't fit in somehow, so I scarpered [took off]. I did the big skedaddle."

"When I left [Britain] in 1973, I was told I'd never work again. My agent at the time. He said, 'Tony, what are you doing?' "

Of course, Hopkins and his then-agent were both wrong, and the star has since won two Best Actor Oscars, most recently this year (2021) for "The Father", and scores more awards and honor.

He'll grab another on Wednesday, September 1, at London's Tate Modern, when publishing executives will honor him with the British GQ Legend Award.

"I was a rebel, I was a fighter and I was insufferably dogmatic about certain things," Anthony adds. "But those demons are long gone. Maybe I was a bit of a troubled character. But I'm old now: I'd be stupid to walk around full of nettles and devils in me. We're not here for long. But the last decade or so it's been a wonderful feeling of freedom and just doing the job and showing up."

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