Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley's Boxing Match Called 'Rigged' After the YouTuber's Shocking Win

The former UFC champion pushes the social media personality for a rematch as he claims he was surprised that he lost to the YouTube star by split decision.

AceShowbiz - Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley's boxing match has ended up unexpectedly for arguably majority of viewers. Making his professional boxing debut on Sunday, August 29, the mixed martial artist was expected to win against the YouTube star-turned-professional boxer, but the result showed the other around.

In a shocking outcome, Tyron lost to Jake despite having landed a strong hit that sent the latter bouncing off the ropes in the fourth round. Still, the 24-year-old star threw more strikes and landed more jabs over eight rounds in the cruiserweight fight in Cleveland.

Jake eventually won by a split decision, with scores of 77-75 and 78-74. Many were displeased with the result as they alleged that the whole match was "rigged."

One of them who weighed in on the fight was DJ Akademiks, who tweeted, "I understand why ppl saying rigged.. hella times Tyron Woodley would hit Jake Paul wit a shot and had no follow up it's almost like he'll hit him and wait for him to recover like 'aye u good??' "

Agreeing, another user wrote, "The fight was rigged they never gave Woodley his knockdown." A third commented, "Most rigged s**t I've ever seen. These guys are trying to finesse us with the rematch too, gtfo. Funny how tyron woodley didn't even try to go for the KO after he literally basically knocked down jake Paul."

Someone simply remarked, "rigged fight," while another argued, "These fights are rigged for them to make money and distract us. And ppl pay for them." One other commenter said, "Called paid. You think Jake was in any way going to lose in his hometown. Woodley walked him down from round 3 and on. Look at Jakes face after the s**t that dropped him was right there on his face. Woodley won."

A Tyron fan believes "Tyron Woodley won the 4th round, so that means he won the whole fight." Some others, however, were not surprised by the former UFC champion's loss. "That's how Woodley been fighting as of late," one claimed.

Another similarly pointed out, "Y'all clearly don't know Woodley, he's always been hesitant to throw volume even in the UFC. Nothing new." Someone else called out Tyron, "N***a he did this s**t his last 4 fights Tyron got NO TRIGGER."

Tyron himself said after the fight that he was surprised he was declared the loser. Confident that he will win if he'll meet Jake in the ring again, he has challenged the YouTube star to a rematch. "It's done, we're doing the rematch," he told reporters at the post-fight press conference. "I have to get that win. It was too close."

He continued explaining, "This is a movie, ain't nobody going to push the needle like me and him did. We sold the s**t out of this pay-per-view. I think everyone was excited about it. … He was tough. He was fatigued in the fight and he found a way to keep pushing through. I can never knock him for that, but we have to run it back."

On the result, he shared, "I thought I won, I was surprised it was a split decision. I thought it was close. I thought he had won some rounds. Early on the rounds were close. If I can go back I'd kick myself because I could've made it a little more convincing, but I was just trying to feel it out and take my time. I knew he was going to throw a lot of jabs and I knew he was going to faint and pressure. I wasn't surprised when they said split decision, but I thought it was going to be me."

Jake, meanwhile, agreed for a rematch only if Tyron would get his name tattooed on the loser. "If you get the tattoo, I love Jake Paul, let's run it back," Jake told Tyron, who replied, "Bet. Let's go."

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