Former 'GMA' Producer Michael Corn Slapped With Sexual Assault Lawsuit

According to legal documents filed at Manhattan Supreme Court, the ex-top producer of the ABC talk show sexually assaulted two employees between 2010 and 2015 on different occasions.

AceShowbiz - Michael Corn is facing legal action from two ABC staffers. Having been accused of sexually assaulting two female employees, the former executive producer of "Good Morning America" was slapped with a lawsuit.

Among the alleged victims is current producer Kirstyn Crawford. In legal docs filed on Wednesday, August 25 at Manhattan Supreme Court, Crawford claimed that Corn kissed her head and touched her leg in an Uber after a work party back in 2015.

"Corn grabbed Crawford's hand and told her that he wanted to be able to help her with her career," so read the suit. "He grabbed Crawford's head and pulled it into his chest and kept telling her to 'just relax' and kept asking 'Why are you tense?' "

Aside from Crawford, Corn was accused of assaulting another staffer, Jill McClain, in 2010 while on a flight and in 2011 during a trip to London. McClain, however, is not a plaintiff but is supporting Crawford's case.

"ABC knew or should have known that Corn had a propensity to sexually harass female colleagues and that he perpetuated a hostile work environment at ABC," the suit alleged. "As early as 2017, ABC learned of Corn's sexual assault on Plaintiff. Yet ABC did nothing to protect Plaintiff or remove Corn from his position of power."

"Indeed, Plaintiff has reason to believe that ABC was also aware of other women who complained against Corn," it continued. "Instead, ABC looked the other way, elevated Corn through the ranks due to his commercial success as a producer, and facilitated the hostile workplace that Corn cultivated through his influence over subordinates' careers, sexual harassment, gaslighting, and anger management issues."

Corn himself has denied the allegations made against him. "I vehemently deny any allegations that I engaged in improper sexual contact with another woman," he said in a statement provided by his lawyer, Elizabeth Locke. Corn additionally dubbed Crawford's claims "demonstrably false."

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