Madonna's Casting Prompted Debra Winger to Quit 'A League of Their Own'

The 'An Officer and a Gentleman' actress gets real about the reason why she left the classic baseball movie, revealing she was not keen to share screen with the Material Girl.

AceShowbiz - "An Officer and a Gentleman" star Debra Winger quit 1992 baseball movie "A League of Their Own" after learning Madonna had been hired.

The Oscar-nominated actress reveals she trained with the Chicago Cubs for three months before walking away from the film.

She was replaced by Geena Davis.

Winger tells The Telegraph in a new interview she wasn't impressed when director Penny Marshall cast the pop superstar.

"It was the only time I ever collected a pay-or-play on my contract," the actress says. "In other words, I collected my pay even though I did not play."

The film went on to become a classic and now it has spawned a new TV series, which is set to debut next year (22), but Winger has no regrets.

"As entertaining as it was, you don't walk away going, 'Wow, those women did that.' You kind of go, 'Is that true?' " she explained.

The movie, which also featured Tom Hanks and Rosie O'Donnell, followed a fictional team in the real-life All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, which launched during World War Two.

Rosie O'Donnell confirmed her return to the upcoming TV revival. She's expected to make a guest appearance as a bartender at the local gay bar.

"I had a great experience on A League of Their Own, I love the Broad City women and when I was told Abbi was doing League, she called me up and said, 'Ro, would you do it?' And I said, 'In a minute...' Then she sent me the pilot that she did and it was just really beautiful."

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