Jessie J Cries After Struggling to Sing a Song Amid Meniere's Disease Battle

The 'Price Tag' hitmmaker couldn't help but sobbing as she struggled to 'sing a song [she] can usually sing with ease' amid her battle with Meniere's disease.

AceShowbiz - Singer/songwriter Jessie J battles pain every day as a result of her Meniere's disease - and sometimes sobs "for hours" in frustration.

The "Domino" singer shared an update to her 9.9 million Instagram followers on Thursday (12Aug21), revealing she's still in a really bad way as she fights the health condition.

The British star announced in December (20) she had been diagnosed with the disease, which affects the inner ear and can lead to severe dizziness, ringing in the ear, and hearing loss. She is also dealing with acid reflux and thyroid issues.

"Yesterday I tried to sing a song I can usually sing with ease, and I couldn't," she told fans in an Instagram Story. "The issue I'm having isn't my voice but is affecting my voice."

"And well... I sobbed. For hours. Six months (into my diagnosis) and I still cannot get through a full day without pain in my mid neck/throat. Some days are so much better than others."

She explained the problem isn't with her vocal cords, quipping those are "healthy and in there with their hands up like, 'Not us J, we got you.' "

Jessie also noted she's continuing to investigate her symptoms and wonders if her latest problems are related to her "spine, thyroid, allergy. Who knows?"

"Ninety-five per cent of the time I am good," she added. "Positive and strong. Which is what I portray on here (Instagram) mostly. But that five per cent will grow if not acknowledged."

"So yes, sometimes like yesterday, I break. All hope disappears. I feel so lost and so alone in what's going on."

She admitted it's hard to stay positive all the time, "The truth is, I don't. I definitely don't unpack and live in how I felt yesterday. But I don't take pride in always pretending I'm OK. It's not healthy."

The former "Voice U.K." coach also referenced her 2011 song "Who You Are".

"That old line 'it's ok not to be ok,'" she added. "I wrote it because it's true and I still believe this platform is to inspire through truth."

"To anyone else going through a testing time. I feel you. I see you. We will get through this. Love you all."

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