The Stanford Blatch depicter admits he struggled to have a conversation with his Russian co-star on the set of the Sarah Jessica Parker-fronted TV show because of cultural differences.

AceShowbiz - Willie Garson found it "very hard" to chat with Mikhail Baryshnikov on the "Sex and the City" set.

The actor, who portrayed Stanford Blatch in the show, insisted the whole cast was "very friendly" during filming but cultural differences meant he struggled to make conversation with the Russian dancer, who portrayed Aleksandr Petrovsky.

"I'm not Russian, so it was very hard to make conversation with Mikhail," he told Us Weekly magazine. "Not because he's bad or mean, he's just very Russian."

"You'd say, like, 'Misha, what'd you do last night?' and he would literally say, 'Dinner,' but just kind of, like, ending the conversation. But it's just a different way of living. And I would (jokingly) tell him, 'Well, I went to studio 54 and did cocaine off of Grace Jones last night. So I had a better night.' No, I never (did that)."

In the second "Sex and the City" movie, Willie's character married Anthony Marentino (Mario Cantone) in a ceremony officiated by Liza Minelli, who also performed "Single Ladies" for the wedding guests, and the actor loved sharing the screen with her.

"I love Liza so much and she was such a player and came to play hard. She worked so hard on this song and dance number," he said. "And I think I did (an) ad-lib in the wedding (scene). She asked if we say I do. And I think I said, 'I do Liza Minnelli!' I think I had to add it because it was so over the top ridiculous."

And Willie suggested the "Cabaret" actress - who knew Sarah Jessica Parker before filming - was "the best" guest star they had.

He said, "I'm sure Sarah had met her around town cause she meets everyone. But she was a delight. The greatest. And I've seen her a number of times since then. And she just the best, she really is."

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