K-Pop Idol Kris Wu Arrested in Beijing Following 'Date Rape' Allegations

The former member of Korean boyband EXO has been detained by law enforcement in China on suspicion of sexual assault after multiple women accused him of rape.

AceShowbiz - K-pop superstar Kris Wu has been arrested on suspicion of rape.

The 30-year-old Chinese-Canadian singer is in custody in Beijing.

Police officials claim he "repeatedly lured young women to have sexual relations."

Cops' investigations come after a woman, who was 17 at the time of the alleged attack, told Chinese news organisation NetEase Wu had lured her to his home for an audition, got her drunk, and assaulted her. She woke up in his bed the next day.

The accuser, student Du Meizhu, claimed seven other women had told her Wu had seduced them with promises of jobs and other opportunities. She said some were minors. At least 24 more women have since come forward alleging inappropriate behaviour.

Wu, who was a member of the Korean boy band EXO before going solo, has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, insisting he didn't force the young woman to drink.

"There was no groupie sex!" he said. "There was no underage (sex)!" he wrote on social media in June (21).

Wu's lawyers are suing his rape accuser for defamation.

"I only met Miss Du once at a friend's gathering, I didn't ply her with alcohol…," Kris Wu stated in response to Du Meizhu's accusations. "I have never 'coerced women into sex' or engaged in 'date rape.' "

In the wake of the scandal, multiple brands made the decision to drop the star. Shanghai-based beauty brand Kans, music streaming platform Yunting, and household detergent maker Libai were among those cutting their ties with the rapper.

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