Lil Baby Calls Out 'Creeps' Filming His Apparent Intimate Moment With a Woman

Denying the speculation that he was sensually grabbing the woman in the video, the 'Drip Too Hard' MC claims he was simply telling her to 'get girls out our section.'

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby may have realized the consequence of being put in the limelight since entering the industry, but he never signed up for getting his privacy invaded. The rapper has called out a fan or a fellow clubgoer who captured his seemingly intimate moment with a woman.

In the clip which has gone viral, the 26-year-old was seen putting his hand on the woman's shoulders while partying in a club. The sighting prompted people to speculate that he was cozying up to the woman in the video.

"he stay cheating nothing new," one person commented on the video, accusing Lil Baby of cheating on his on-again/off-again girlfriend Jayda Cheaves. Another suggested, "Jayda need to gone ahead and pop out with her new man cause Chile this is embarrassing." A third one remarked, "Lol, Wayda NOTHA minute! Lol. Ayesha is the least of your worries! Boom!"

Catching wind of this, Lil Baby has set record straight on his action in the clip. "Let me life !! I was telling her to get girls out our section !!" so the "We Paid" MC explained, before calling out the haters and the one who filmed him, "Y'all be creeps fr !! Tf is you recording me."

Some people have also come to Lil Baby's defense, with one writing, "Why they recording him that's so lame." Another opined, "He's a single young man I don't see anything wrong," while someone else told the Internet trolls to "stay out that man business he grown."

Meanwhile, Jayda has made a cryptic comment in light of Lil Baby's video with the woman in the club. While it's unclear if she and Lil Baby are currently back together or not, she seemingly threw a shade at him as she could relate to a quote about a toxic relationship.

"I was in a relationship so toxic that when we broke up people started congratulating me," read the quote posted by Justin LaBoy with a caption, "So glad I made it out that relationship alive." Agreeing, Jayda then commented on the post, "Lol this the one."

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