When opening up that she is ready to take another step in her love life, the co-host of 'The Talk' admits that meeting someone new is really out of her 'element.'

AceShowbiz - Amanda Kloots has offered an update on her love life. A year after her late husband Nick Cordero died due to complications from COVID-19, the co-host of "The Talk" revealed that she felt terrified as she started "dating again."

"Both of my husbands, I met doing Broadway shows. We became friends first, then we got married. Obviously with Nick, we had a child," the 39-year-old explained in Friday, July 23 episode of "The Talk". "I've never actually had to date. I just started dating again and it is so crazy to be dating for the first time at 39 years old. And it's quite terrifying and really out of your element, and it's just hard. It is hard."

Though Amanda admitted that starting a new relationship again was "quite terrifying," she said, "It's all wonderful. It's wonderful people I'm meeting, and it's been a great process so far." She went on to add, "But I'll just say it's very hard without getting into too many details."

Her late husband Nick died in July 2019 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles after a months-long battle with the deadly virus, during which he was put on a ventilator and had to have his leg amputated. He was 41 years old.

Earlier this month, Amanda herself marked the first anniversary of the "Mob Town" actor's death with a heartfelt tribute. At the time, she wrote on Instagram, "Today hurts, there is no other way around it. One year ago you left us and became our angel in heaven. You were surrounded by so much love and Led Zeppelin playing on Spotify-no doubt that was your doing, not mine."

"What happened was unthinkable, losing you was my biggest fear. I used to tell you all the time, 'Don't you dare go anywhere. If I lost you, I don't know what I'd do,' " Amanda continued. The fitness instructor further shared, "There hasn't been a day this year where you weren't missed, thought about and talked about. Thank you for being our guardian angel, for sending me signs, for being my DJ in heaven. I know you're just 2 [inches] away."

Amanda went on expressing her love to the late Broadway actor. "We only had a few short years together but they were filled with so much love, laughter, adventure, dreams, change and growth. It was my 'Nick era' and I'll have it forever," she penned.

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