Quentin Tarantino to Let Son Watch His Rated-R Movie at Age 5

The 'Django Unchained' director will allow his son to watch his movie 'Kill Bill' when the boy turns five years old despite strong violence and sexual content.

AceShowbiz - Quentin Tarantino is okay with his son watching his uber violent movie "Kill Bill" when he's five years old.

The 58-year-old filmmaker would be open to letting his and wife Daniella Pick's little boy Leo, 17 months, watch his movies from a young age and things the tot would be most interested in seeing his 2003 film, which was rated R due to strong violence and sexual content.

Asked what age he'd be comfortable letting his son watch his work, he told Deadline, "That depends on his interest. If we're judging by me, I saw a lot of stuff early on when it came out, you know, so I would imagine (early). If I had to imagine, he would probably, as a little boy, be most attracted to Kill Bill, anywhere between five, six, or seven."

"I saw Point Blank when it came out in '68, when I was between 6 and 7. All the exalted New Hollywood movies, those were the movies I grew up watching, and that's a big part of what (my) next book's about."

"I'm writing about some of these movies from my perspective now, but I always touch on my perspective from when I first saw them."

The director has had a "wonderful year" because he got to spend so much time with his son due to the coronavirus lockdown.

He said, "I can say very easily, this last year we had to live through the quarantine like everybody else, but aside from that, this last year was an absolutely, wonderful year."

"Everyone got huddled in their houses for quarantine, but this was the year I intended to spend at home anyway. It's the first year of my son's life. I was planning on being there, all the time. And I was writing the second half of my novel."

"Daniella created just this wonderful situation for me to be able to go every day and do my work in my office and write, and then I would take little breaks, play with Leo and give him a bath, just hang out with the joy of my little boy."

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