Dr. John's Estate Has Not Authorized Dan Auerbach-Directed Documentary
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When previously talking about the new project about the New Orleans legend, the Black Keys guitarist stated that longtime managers Ed Gerrard and Peter Himberger would serve as producers.

AceShowbiz - Officials looking after the late Dr. John's estate have denied they're involved in a new documentary about the New Orleans legend, directed by The Black Keys star Dan Auerbach.

When Auerbach first opened up about the project earlier this summer (2021), he revealed that Dr. John's longtime managers, Ed Gerrard and Peter Himberger of Impact Artist Productions, would serve as producers on the film, suggesting it was being made with the approval of the estate, but trustees are now making it clear that's not the case.

"The Official Estate of Malcolm John Rebennack, Jr., p/k/a Dr. John, clarifies that the Estate has not authorized the recently announced documentary on the life of Dr. John purportedly to be produced by Impact Artist Productions [and Management] and Radical Media," a statement reads.

"For clarity, Impact Artist Productions [and Management] does not manage or speak for the Estate, which has its own team with, as Mac would say, a gang and a half of legalizers."

"The Estate thanks Mac's fans for their support and assures that the Estate will 'Walk on Guilded Splinters' to deliver new music and an officially authorized documentary, to be announced In The Right Place at the right time."

Auerbach has yet to respond.

Speaking of the project, The Black Keys star said, "He was such a unique individual and a shining example of the great melting pot of American music. From his mysterious voodoo stage persona, Dr. John, to his real, humble self, Mac Rebannack - the street poet, the family man, the junkie, the Grammy Award winner and all that's in between - this documentary will introduce the world to him in a way they haven't seen him before."

"I'm still learning bits about him that I never knew, and I hope the movie provides a lens into the story of the life of Dr. John."

Dr. John died of heart failure in 2019.

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