Miley Cyrus Playfully Trolls Father Billy Ray While Promoting Her New NSFW Merch

In some pictures shared on Instagram, the 'Midnight Sky' singer is seen wearing a sleeveless pink T-shirt with the phrase 'I [love] D**K" and some illustrations of penises.

AceShowbiz - Miley Cyrus always finds a way to playfully troll Billy Ray Cyrus. To promote her new NSFW merch, the "Midnight Sky" singer did a photoshoot on the hood of her father's Nissan truck where she posed without wearing pants.

On Wednesday, July 21, the 28-year-old shared several pictures on Instagram that saw her sporting a sleeveless pink T-shirt with phrases that read, "Miley Cyrus made me realize I am gay" and "I [love] D**K." It also features some illustrations of penises. She completed her outfit with a black belt and a pair of metallic Gucci heels.

In the caption, Miley wrote, "IDK what @billyraycyrus is gonna be more pissed about! Me making a shirt that says 'I [love] D**k' or crawling all over his truck in my @gucci heels!" She added, "Speaking of Daddy's ask yours for 35 bucks and get the new 'Miley made me gay' merch on!"

Aside from the pink tee, "The Last Song" actress also sells a white long-sleeved T-shirt on her website that features "Miley Cyrus made me realize I am gay" and "I [love] p***y" phrases. It also features some drawings of boobs and vaginas. For the price, the pink tee costs $35 while the white tee costs $45.

This was not the first time Miley trolled Billy. When appearing in a December 2020 episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", she revealed that she gave her father a "giant fake pizza" for his birthday. "My dad went a year without eating pizza," she first spilled. "Keeping purpose in this pandemic has been important for all of us, so my dad thought he would try something he hasn't done - he would go a year with no pizza. And for his birthday, I actually made him one that was completely ridiculous."

"So, my dad was a bit disappointed, but he said it was just a reflection of life," she further told host Jimmy Kimmel. "It wasn't real because my priorities [were] being able to keep it and... it could be more of something he could remember me by every time he would walk by an oversized ridiculous fake pizza. I guess he could be disappointed, as he probably was for many years in my stages of evolution of me."

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