Meagan Good Claps Back at Critic Judging Her Based on Smoking Habit

The 'Think Like a Man' actress has since received support and praises for her elegant response to the Internet troll, who reduced her point because 'she smoke cigs.'

AceShowbiz - Meagan Good is advocating for women empowerment. Finding herself being judged over her old smoking habit, the actress/model has responded with a perfect clapback to a critic on social media.

The said Internet troll left a comment on Meagan's Tuesday, July 20 post, in which she showed off her glam-up look in a white dress with a plunging neckline. The "Think Like a Man" star was fixing her hair while looking at herself in the camera. "Big upcoming birthday shoot vibes," so she teased her fans about her upcoming project that she did with her look that day.

The critic then gave her/his unsolicited take on Meagan's overall appearance, writing in the comment section, "She a 9 cause she some cigs." Noticing this, the 39-year-old beauty quickly set things straight about her smoking habit. "I quit smoking 6 years ago," so she told the hater.

Meagan then shared a message about lifting each other up instead of spreading negativity, imploring, "but how about we don't rate each other how bout we just love on and lift each other up God bless."

Meagan has since received praises for her classy response to the critic. "Tell him Megan. God bless you sis!" one supported her. Another similarly commented, "Get them together Megan." A third one agreed, adding, "It's The Elegant Response For Me!!!!"

Someone blasted the critic, "The unnecessary bs that ppl be commenting like sir, what did you gain from that?" Another praised the "Deception" alum, "She's such a lady! That response makes her even more beautiful!"

Others agreed that Meagan is beautiful just the way she is. "She fine.... she definitely a 10 +," one said. Another gushed, "Meagan is so classy," while another claimed, "I've seen Meagan Good in person and she is one of the most naturally beautiful people I have ever seen."

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