Cara Delevingne Addresses Constant Speculations About Her Dating Life

The 28-year-old model and actress also discusses her passion behind finding the latest and greatest sex toys in addition to the infamous 'sex bench' which was featured in 2019 photos.

AceShowbiz - Cara Delevingne is opening up about her sexuality. The 28-year-old model and actress was speaking out the matter in a new interview with Cosmopolitan for the magazine's July/August cover story.

"I just feel like such a fluid person, and if I ever say that I'm anything, it will just stick, which I don't like," she told the magazine. The model claimed that she's exhausted with all the rumors and assumptions about her dating life.

She explained, "People constantly assume that any woman I'm standing next to or photographed with must be someone I'm dating, which has been challenging--not only on me but also on them." She went on to say, "It makes me want to become more of a hermit and isolate myself, which is horrible because I'm a person that loves to be around people."

Elsewhere in the interview, the "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" star, who is now the co-owner of sex toy company Lora DiCarlo, discussed her passion behind finding the latest and greatest sex toys. Naturally, she mentioned her infamous "sex bench" which was featured in 2019 photos.

Cara revealed that the bench "was heavy," adding that she found the pictures "hysterical." Despite her split to Ashley Benson, Cara insisted that she remains on friendly terms with Ashley. "I don't feel like I've ever left a relationship so f--ked up that it's been like, 'I never want to speak to that person again,' " she shared. "I just love all the people I was ever with and want the best for them, you know what I mean? I want to see them grow, see them happy," the "Suicide Squad" star said.

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