Boosie Badazz Gets Mama's Scolding After Bragging About Disciplining His Kids

The 'Wipe Me Down' rapper admits he 'can't win' when tweeting that his videos, in which he shows how he punishes three of his children for throwing water in his house, get him in trouble.

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (previously known as Lil Boosie) may be a father now, but he still can't escape a mama's scolding. The rapper revealed he has had his own share of getting reprimanded after disciplining his kids.

On Thursday, June 17, the rapper-turned-reality TV star bragged about how he punished three of his children for soaking his house with water. After posting two videos of it, he shared that he was scolded in the aftermath.

"Mama then got on my a** bout disciplining MY KIDS SMH," so Boosie informed his followers on Twitter, admitting with the hashtag that he "can't win." The 38-year-old, however, didn't divulge whether it's his own mother Connie Hatch or his baby mama who reprimanded him about his disciplining method.

Earlier in the videos he posted on Instagram, Boosie bragged about how he disciplined his two kids for apparently playing water pranks on his visitors. Telling his family and friends that they can finally come over to his house, he said, "There will be no water throwing on you by my kids," while showing three of his children walking the perimeter of his beautiful lawns.

"I wanna let everybody know, all my family, my cousins, y'all can come stay at my house bruh ain't gon be no more water throwing on you by my kids," Boosie promsied. He then explained what went down in the video, "I know they been outta control but I'm bruisin them today. You see em? They walking the fence line. You see em? They walking the fence line. 5 hours straight in the hot sun."

He continued, appearing serious about it, "Yes sir. They cleaning up the house, all day. They gon learn this lesson. There will be no more water throwing in my estate. They soaking everybody up every night. I want Big Freaky, everybody y'all can come back. It's going down….They got 4 more hours to walk the gates. Yes sir."

His videos have drawn mixed responses, with one cracking up at his conventional method to discipline his kids, "His He need a show man dude so funny lmao." Another backed him up, "Your kids. Your choice on how you discipline as long as they not in danger. They have to learn the lesson of respecting your home." Someone else predicted, "Grandparents will go to war for their grandkids."

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