Official The Flash Movie Image Unveils First Glimpse of New Costume
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Shared by director Andy Muschietti via his Instagram page, the new photo gives a close-up look at The Flash's lightning insignia on Barry Allen's chest in the upcoming movie.

AceShowbiz - "The Flash" director Andy Muschietti continues to hype up the movie by sharing another sneak peek. While fans have to wait a little longer for the first trailer, he tides fans over with a new teaser image from the film.

Making use of his Instagram account, Muschietti posted on Monday, June 14 an image that unveils the first glimpse at The Flash's new costume. The photo gives a close-up look at the superhero's lightning insignia on Barry Allen's chest.

The logo features more in-depth etching for both the white center under the yellow lightning bolt and surrounding chest area, which is different from the one on Barry's suit during his debut in "Justice League". The new Flash costume also seems to be wired with circuitry that is centralized around the lightning insignia on his chest.

In the DC Movie Universe, Ezra Miller's Barry gains his speed force powers from a considerable amount of electric charge. The new costume, meanwhile, hints that the Scarlet Speedster may be able to harness that electrical power himself in his upcoming solo movie.

Previously, Muschietti teases Batman's return in The Flash movie by offering a look at Michael Keaton's Batman suit. In the image posted last week, the Gotham superhero's logo is stained with blood.

"The Flash", which kicked off production on April 19, has long been rumored to feature not only one, but two Batmen as part of its multiverse storyline. In addition to Keaton's version, Ben Affleck's Batman, which has been featured alongside Miller's The Flash in "Justice League" and "Zack Snyder's Justice League", is said to make appearance in the solo movie.

"The Flash" movie is due in theaters on November 4, 2022. Christina Hodson penned the script with Michael Disco and Barbara Muschietti serving as producers.

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