Amy Winehouse's Best Friend Blames Paparazzi for Her Death
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Nearly 10 years after Amy's death, Taylor James, who shared a flat in Camden Square with the late singer, reveals that he was having a hard time to move one.

AceShowbiz - Amy Winehouse's best friend and flatmate Tyler James thinks that paparazzi is the one to blame for the singer's death. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Tyler recalled the moment when he found his best friend, with whom he shared a flat in Camden Square with, had died of alcohol poisoning.

In the interview, Tyler revealed that he left the flat just two days prior to her death. He said it was an act of tough love in the hopes she'd cease her drinking because he "was running out of ideas."

"Amy was my world. I never have had that connection with someone again and I never will. I loved her. I was on a mission. I had a task. I had a job [to make her well] and that's all I wanted to do," Tyler said of his late friend.

Of the 27-year-old singer, he shared that she really tried to fight her alcohol addiction and go sober. He noted that she "had worked hard to come off drugs" and "being healthy." However, it was difficult "to go through that in front of people." He then recalled how paparazzi would flock outside their home, saying, "It was like a film premiere out there."

Likening Amy to Britney Spears and Princess Diana, James said that the media "hounded" her and it was "hard for her." He continued, "People think they know Amy's story, and obviously she can't tell her story. But I wanted to tell what it was like for her, having to actually live in that world."

"With that level of fame, that level of intrusion, that lack of privacy. I don't think people really realize the effect that has on a person. She craved normality. The biggest thing that f**ked Amy up was being famous," Tyler said. That made her reclusive and mistrustful of those around her as Tyler continued, "I was the only friend she had left by then, the only person around her all the time who wasn't paid to be around her."

Nearly 10 years after Amy's death, Taylor shared that he was having a hard time to move one. He finally found comfort after writing their experience into a book titled "My Amy: The Life We Shared", which was published on Thursday, June 10.

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