Akbar V Lands in Hot Water After Calling Alexis Skyy's Special Needs Daughter R-Word

As if that's not enough, Akbar also accuses the 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' star of doing drugs when she was pregnant as she says in an Instagram Live, 'You ate cocaine in your system.'

AceShowbiz - The beef between Akbar V and Alexis Skyy got uglier rather quickly. Following their altercation at night club, Akbar went on Instagram Live not only to taunt the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star, but also her child in response to Alexis telling Akbar to take care of her children.

"B***h, you got a braindead baby," she yelled, referring to Alexis' young daughter Alaiah who was born with Hydrocephalus. "Your baby ain't got brain. B***h, you got a r******d child."

As if that was not enough, Akbar also accused Alexis of doing drugs when she was pregnant. "You got a f***in' r******d kid, a special need kid, and you out here talkin' 'bout somebody children. ... Your daughter is r******d because of you. Tell her truth. You ate cocaine in your system. Tell her truth."

Akbar caught backlash in no time for her remarks about Alexis' child. "I know that hurts for Alexis. Somebody you once called a friend , had around your child . Then on mad day talk about your child. Her and akbar always falling out but Ain't no making up after that one," one Twitter user commented on the situation.

"Idk what is going on between Alexis and Akbar but the fact that people always talk about Alexis’ baby is sooo evil," someone else added. "It's concerning how many people pick problems with Alexis and instead of coming for her they come for her child who's innocent.... some of these celebrities be taking low blows just cause smh," another comment read.

Still, Akbar defended herself for the remarks. "When you speak on Akbar kids and kids was never in the conversation i when Akbar comes out and say whatever the f**k she wants I'm a mother i love all my kids so please let's keep them out of conversations cause i have no sympathy so stop reaching out i said what i said," she wrote on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Alexis' baby daddy took to Instagram to shut down Akbar's claims about Alexis doing drugs while pregnant. "Akbar u outta fkn line now!!!! And why tf everybody keep running with this lie that lex was on drugs during her pregnancy THO??!! NO TF SHE WASN'T!!!!!!! I WAS WITH HER EVERY DAMN DAY OF HER PREGNANCY!!!" so he stated.

Alexis later reacted to that in an emotional Instagram Live. She also briefly got Akbar on the phone during which she yelled at Akbar, "No! No! You called Alaiah braindead, it's over, Akbar! It's over! Akbar, stop it!"

This mess arrives after Akbar was involved in an altercation with Alexis and Lira Galore at a night club on Sunday, May 30. While it's unknown what triggered the confrontation, a video of the night saw Akbar following Alexis and Lira who walked out of the nightclub. Later, Alexis was heard yelling, "Akbar, what are you doing?"

Akbar was also seen in another video being pinned against a party bus. Before they got physical with each other, people managed to get Alexis and her crew onto the bus.

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