James Blunt Gets Honest About Why He Considers COVID-19 'Blessing in Disguise'

While he was happy to take some much-needed time away from the music industry, the 'Goodbye My Lover' singer admits to have 'picked the wrong businesses' with pub purchase.

AceShowbiz - James Blunt considers the Covid-19 pandemic a "blessing in disguise", because it forced him to take some much-needed time away from the music industry.

The singer had been due to head out on tour when the worldwide health crisis halted events and festivals around the globe. And while he is looking forward to getting back on the road, James seized the opportunity to spend time with his loved ones, who include his wife Sofia Wellesley and their two sons.

"I was supposed to be on the tour for a year and I was sent home. And, you know, for me that was probably a very good thing because I haven't spent time at home with my family, ever," he told the Henley Standard newspaper. "I've been promising that I would take a year off from music at some stage, but I was lying, probably."

"And so this is very good -- to spend time at home, do things that adults do and family people do. And so perhaps it was a blessing in disguise for me."

Luckily, the "Goodbye My Lover" star had a successful career before the pandemic, which meant he had enough money to get by while he wasn't able to perform. But given that he'd also purchased a pub prior to Covid-19 sweeping the world, James added he "really picked the wrong businesses".

"Well, I mean, I'm definitely in the wrong business," he laughed. "With the pandemic the music business completely closed down and all touring stopped."

"We were just a month into what was supposed to be a world tour and we were sent home, which was obviously devastating. I'm in the pub business too -- I bought myself a pub -- and obviously that closed down, so I really picked the wrong businesses. That's why it's very exciting that we should be preparing to get out on the road again."

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