Gary Barlow Rules Out Plastic Surgery Because He's Not 'Too Hung Up' on His Looks

The Take That member denies ever having a plastic surgery and doubts he will ever go under the knife to maintain his look because he's not too concerned about it.

AceShowbiz - Gary Barlow denies having had any cosmetic work done.

The Take That star doubts he will ever feel the urge to go under the knife.

"I haven't had anything done yet and I just can't see there being a day where I get too hung up on how I look," he told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column. "I keep getting asked if I've had my hair done and I haven't."

"I like to look nice, you know, on TV and stuff and I'll have someone in to do my hair. But I'm not sure I'm that type of person to be that unhappy with how I look to go under anaesthetic."

Barlow has battled with his weight in the past and has revealed that he avoids eating too many carbohydrates and limits his alcohol intake to keep in shape.

He said, "I try to eat really healthily and because I had an eating disorder in the 2000s, I'm not one for having two plates of chips (fries). It makes me feel depressed, and I hate that feeling. My wife Dawn has diabetes, but the positive is I follow what she's eating. She stays away from starchy, floury foods and not too many carbs. It's just having a little bit of knowledge about what works for you."

"It's nice to have a few drinks but don't do it every night. If you do, the possibilities are you're going to get bigger, then you won't be as happy with yourself."

The health-conscious star previously revealed that clean-eating diet gurus The Hemsley sisters urged him to detox in 2018.

He recalled, "I was drinking about 19 cups of coffee a day and loads of sugar and all these other things. They said, 'We're gonna give you soup for three days and just strip your body of everything'. And it was like being on acid. It was beyond a headache. It was like walking on marshmallows. And actually, I was starting to go blind. I started to go, 'I can't see now.' "

"It was so bad because I'd just been hooked on this stuff for so long. After about a week, it was nearly a stone. I mean, the weight dropped off me."

And the "Rule the World" star also revealed how the hormones released from running helped him lift periods of depression.

He shared, "The day it all sort of started to turn and tip the scales was when I went for a run. I got those lovely endorphins."

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