Kourtney Kardashian Plans to Keep Gifting Kendall Jenner Hermes Though She Returned Past Presents

Upon finding out that her younger sister was not a fan of her expensive birthday presents, the Poosh founder warns that the karma of her 'constant returning' may be coming back to her.

AceShowbiz - Kourtney Kardashian is not happy Kendall Jenner secretly returned the Hermes gifts she got for her in the past. Having learned that her supermodel sister had sent back her expensive birthday presents, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star admitted her plan to keep gifting her such gifts as a revenge.

In a new sneak peek of her reality show's Thursday, May 27 episode, the Poosh founder discussed with Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian on what they gave Kendall on her 25th birthday. "I started her this collection of Hermes china last year for her birthday," the 42-year-old informed her sisters. "I got her tea cups and a tea pot and all the tea stuff.

"And then for Christmas, I added to it and I got her all the serving platters. So I was thinking I could add to it and get the dishes," she continued. "So we called Hermes and I was like, 'Can you send me photos of what I didn't get yet?' and they just said, 'I can absolutely do that, but she returned everything you got her.' "

Upon finding out that Kendall returned the gifts, Kourtney warned, "In a few years, she'll wish she had it. I want to be like, 'You think the joke's on me because you keep returning it - well joke's on you because I'm going to keep buying it!' I'm going to still buy it for her birthday because I think it's funny." She added, "I just want to give it to her again to see her reaction. I really just want to see her opening it and pretending it was the greatest gift."

Elsewhere in the interview, the girlfriend of Travis Barker sadly admitted that she "picked out each dish with thought and care." Her statement prompted her sister Khloe to ask whether Kendall seemed to enjoy her presents when she opened them in the past. "She liked them! She didn't open them," the mother of three assured in a confusion.

"I thought this was such a great gift, I couldn't even believe that Kendall didn't like it," Kourtney said. "She definitely could've told me. I understand why she wouldn't, it might be uncomfortable, but I really just find it funny."

However, Kourtney opened up to Kim and Khloe, saying, "I used to be a big returner of items. I don't return anything now." She elaborated further, "I think the karma of my constant returning may be coming back to me."

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