Lamar Odom Accuses Ex Liza Morales of Clout Chasing After Suing Him Over Child Support
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After Liza Morales claims that the former NBA star stopped paying child support since June, he slams her for relying on his monthly payment of child support and insists that their children are adults now.

AceShowbiz - Lamar Odom has responded after his ex Liza Morales sued him over unpaid child support. Taking to his Instagram account, the former pro basketball player ripped his baby mama for allegedly chasing clout with the negative publicity about him.

On Friday, May 14, the former "Khloe & Lamar" star posted a screenshot of Page Six's article which headline blarred, "Lamar Odom a deadbeat dad who won't pay child support, lawsuit says." In the caption, he remarked, "#LizaMorales anything for clout."

Lamar then began his explanation, "I had no plans on addressing this but I can't keep letting bitter women slander my name." Denying that he ever missed paying child support, he claimed, "I have taken care of Liza and my children their entire lives. My children are adults. I have paid child support for CHILDREN on time monthly for the past 18 years. My CHILDREN are ADULTS."

He went on slamming his ex for relying on his payment of child support, "I am saddened that in the past 15 years that Liza has not taken the initiative to get a job and create a source of income for herself aside from my monthly payment of child support. She is smart, able and capable of working to support the lavish lifestyle she wants to live."

The 41-year-old refuted the notion that he's a deadbeat dad, insisting, "I love my adult children and I will support them and their dreams in every way possible. I pray that Liza finds healing and gets to a place of independence."

"I am no longer shamed by my past mistakes. I own who I am and with a clear mind and conscience I will present my case in court," he further defended himself. "Life is too short and uncertain for this. Lets all work on being our best selves."

Lamar's post came following report that Liza filed a lawsuit against him on late Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court. In the documents, she alleged that the former husband of Khloe Kardashian stopped paying child support last June and has been violating their 2015 agreement for the last six years.

"In June 2020, Lamar stopped providing any support save for sporadic amounts sent directly to LJ, placing their son in a very difficult situation," the papers stated. Liza further claimed that Lamar's failure in paying child support has left her and her children in dire financial situation to the point that they're facing eviction from the landlords of their post Manhattan apartment.

A representative for Lamar has issued a statement in response to the lawsuit. "Before Lamar signed up to do the docuseries on his recovery a year and a half ago and the Celebrity Boxing match, he coordinated deals for Morales to be financially stable during that period," the rep detailed.

"He knew that Morales was seeking her own position in the industry, so he helped her gain an offer with a sponsor close to $100,000. Morales decided to want more and damaged the deal, while refusing any more help before he went away," the rep continued on how Lamar had been trying to help Liza land a job.

"During the past year and a half Odom knew he had to step away from work in order to get his mental health and addiction in order," the rep stated. "Odom loves his children and wants them to see their father win a difficult battle. Lamar knows he owes it to his children and community to get better in order to continue to be a provider."

The rep added that Lamar has "both publicly and privately tried to resolve the issue" with Liza.

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