Swizz Beatz Explains Why He Called Out DMX's Fake Friends at His Funeral

The music producer and husband of Alicia Keys notes in a new interview that he doesn't think the late rapper got a lot of 'the other love' that he 'was looking for.'

AceShowbiz - Swizz Beatz was among those who paid tribute to DMX at his funeral following his death last month. During the ceremony, the super producer-turned-mogul decided to call out people who didn't give enough love for the late rapper. In a new interview with Angie Martinez, Swizz explained the matter in addition to clarifying that it wasn't for X's fans.

"From the fans' standpoint, X got a lot of love," Swizz shared to Angie. "It's just the other love he was looking for I don't think he got a lot of."

The husband of Alicia Keys went on to say, "That's what made me want to say what I said at his homegoing because I was dealing with a lot of that. And I was with X a lot. Especially, recently. So I was very current in his life and understanding where he was at and what he was going through. So when I started seeing things, naturally as his brother, it just bothered me."

During the interview, Swizz also shared that X's appearance on his battle song show "Verzuz" with Snoop Dogg made him realize that the youth gravitated to his presence. Seeing that, it made him want to create new music for fans through making X's posthumous album.

"We stayed [in L.A.] and finished the album at Snoop's studio after Verzuz," Swizz recalled. "I was like, 'Let's keep all the new music he was excited about moving.' I wouldn't even call it an album, I would definitely call it a masterpiece. … It's a well-deserved masterpiece."

Swizz also discussed how big "Verzuz", a show that he and Timbaland produce together, has become following their new partnership with Triller. "The future of Verzuz is very big," he explained. "The biggest reason [for the Triller deal] was because we can bring our friends with us. All the other places that was a hard structures to bring into those ecosystems. … For creatives to have control we have to change the things we don't like that businesses do to us. … We had to go with the team that would allow us to have the freedom that we want."

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